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STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Click on the membership drop down menu and click;
Renew membership

STEP 3: Click the AWEP FEEDBACK FORM highlighted green at the top corner.

STEP 4: Come back to the Renew membership and fill the brief form below it.

STEP 5: After filling the form, it takes you to the Pay Now button highlighted green and NOTE if you are banking with GTB/UBA/STERLING/ZENITH (this four banks are featured in our payment system), you can pay directly with an auto-generated USSD code or any other suitable means of your choice.

STEP 6: After payment, a reference number is generated by Paystack and sent to your email (email imputed in the brief form).

STEP 7: Come back to membership drop down menu (Become a member) and click on;
Membership form to input your reference payment number sent to your email.

STEP 8: After inputting your reference number, it takes you to the onboarding form where you fill in other details including uploading a closeup/passport picture and a picture of your signature (kindly have them ready) after which your membership ID card is generated. Once you view your ID card, it auto-downloads into your phone, kindly check the downloads folder of the device you are using and print the ID for your use as evidence of membership.